About me

I’m a passionate full-stack software engineer focused on Ruby on Rails, React, JavaScript, and SQL. Experienced in agile workflow, including CI/CD methodologies. I aim to create solid and expandable applications. Delivering high-quality software solutions to drive business growth and enhance user experiences, and always try to learn something new from that process.

Some of my software stacks I’m always putting into practice:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Javascript (vanilla) and jQuery
  • SQL
  • Shell Script (for some personal automation)

Also, I like to make people’s lives more straightforward and be a part of that, but most of all, I love solving challenges. Every day is a new challenge, a new mindset, a new emotion, a new talk. Everything becomes different. That’s the magic.

I’m based in São Paulo, Brazil, and I have been working remotely for the last ~3 years in a US healthcare company. This experience has been very good because I improved my software skills, english-speaking language comprehensibility, soft skills, and interpersonal side.

I am addicted to software engineering and love continuously improving my skills, this is the beauty of this role.