That's Why I Love Interactive Rebase

- 3 mins read
You probably already struggled to change a specific commit, rename it, remove it, and anything else. I’m glad to welcome you to the interactive rebase power! What is interactive rebase? In my words, interactive rebasing allows you to manage anything you want to your commits. You can navigate through the history, pick the commit, and change it as you wish. Here’s everything you can do to every single commit: It lets you choose between the options (aka rebase commands) and perform the desired action without running many git commands manually, so you’ll have less work and headache.
Did you already find yourself trying to understand a complete rabbit hole code, or do you want to test your brand new bug fix without running a bunch of flows and business rules that may involve third-party endpoint calls? Let’s try tasting small pieces instead of eating the whole pie. Why? What’s the benefit? I already spent countless hours of my day just trying to prove that my code works by running the step-by-step to reproduce the issue, and in the end, I found myself very stressed because most of the time, you’ll miss setting some attributes that will conditionally trigger your fix.

The Problem of Linting

- 4 mins read
Have you already spent precious time of your day fixing a code syntax style just because your code linter didn’t like that? Well, everyone already did, but don’t let it delay or distract you. What is linting? Linting is basically a tool that will make the code look prettier by following a sort of code stylish, rules, and patterns, developers use that to make the codebase style the same for everyone, it also can help to prevent some mistaken code that may reduce the performance or cause any syntax issue in the future.